Faq about Canada Goose parkas waterproof?

Are Canada Goose parkas waterproof?

canada goose jacket There is no such thing as a waterproof Canada Goose Parka. People are confused with the term water resistance. Canada Goose doesn’t require any chemical application to resist water. Their outer shell material protects you from water within an hour to three until it starts to absorb into the fabric. The only things that are waterproof from their collections are their raincoats or shell jackets.

canada goose uk The reason they don’t make waterproof parka is the problem of breathability. When your warm body releases moisture it needs to be let out or bacteria will be breeding inside.

canada goose sale Don’t wear your CG/Mackage/Moose/OSC/Nobis or any other WINTER down jacket in the RAIN
Buy a RAIN coat…. very simple and that way if you choose to wear them in the rain, your jacket will smell like a wet dog for the foreseeable future

canada goose parka I’m not trying to turn it into a raincoat xD just want to refresh the Durable Water Repellency treatment, this coat is from 2012 so the initial treatment wore off.
As stated above, it is their textile design called Arctic-Tech that makes it water resistant. It is NOT something that they apply to it.

Well, I just contacted CG and they said they do apply DWR to their parkas.

And to dispel more misinformation canada goose outlet.

Our Favorite Canada Goose Parkas from the Winter 2018-2019 Collection

canada goose mens Contrary to the bird that inspired its name, Canada Goose will not be flying south for the winter. In fact, the international leader in winter wear will be making its annual comeback as the leaves start to fall and the snow dances down from the clouds.

canada goose coat Depending on where you live, you most likely have a friend or relative that owns a Canada Goose jacket. Perhaps you even feel a little envious; I don’t blame you! The Canadian coat connaisseur knows exactly what it takes to integrate arctic-level performance with a consumer-friendly product.

Your next Canada Goose coat is an investment and should be treated as so; thus, it’s imperative that you do some research to make the right selection. Before you purchase your parka, have a look at our favorite Canada Goose parkas of 2018.

moncler Countless individuals cherish their Canada Goose parka, particularly when it’s -20 degrees and they feel unfazed due to its powerful insulating properties. In order to get the best out of your new jacket, ensure your environment is appropriate for a Canada Goose jacket.

Down is the natural insulator used in Canada Goose jackets. While this type of insulation is light and very warm, it becomes ineffective once wet. You’ll be happy to know that each coat has a water-repellent finish to help protect the down and keep you dry. However, a typical Canada Goose parka is not fully waterproof.

canada goose womens Canada Goose parkas were first engineered for the extreme cold. Even if most of the collection is geared toward urban usage, their coats are still built to withstand freezing temperatures. Due to various factors such as metabolism, the temperature rating on each jacket is only a recommendation and should be taken with a grain of salt. Only you know your sensitivity to the cold.

Men’s Parkas
canada goose coats Most of the Canada Goose parkas are influenced by a classic, tasteful military look. A jacket is an integral part of your outfit’s style, even if it’s -20 degrees outside. Here are three recommended parkas to kick-off your winter.

Borden Bomber canada goose outlet, moncler jacket, womens canada goose jacket, canada goose jacket sale
Temperature Rating: -10°C / -20°C
“Modern style with the mobility and warmth of a classic bomber design.”

goose coats Speaking of military-inspired, the Borden Bomber is the epitome of that. The jacket sits perfectly at waist length, keeping your upper-body comfortably warm and allowing for free leg movement. In addition to the practical cut of the Borden Bomber, you’ll be sure to love the hand warming pocket, durable build, and removable hood.

Balmoral Parka – Black Label
Temperature Rating: -15°C / -20°C
Understated style with savvy storage for optimal comfort and warmth.

canada goose jackets For those abstaining from fur, the Balmoral Parka is a winner. Wallet, keys, gloves, doesn’t matter, it will all fit wonderfully due to the plethora of pockets found throughout the parka. In addition to its superior functionality, you will find 2 sets of hand-warming pockets located respectively in the chest and abdomen.

Banff Parka
Temperature Rating: -15°C / -25°C
“High performance meets style with leather detailing and a thigh-length cut.”

canada goose mens jacket The best feature of the Banff Parka is its vast versatility. It’s the perfect cross between urban and technical design, proving to be just as efficient and performing in either condition. In conjunction with this capability, the design is timeless and transforms when the hood is removed. Built to last, the elbows are reinforced and the length of the jacket extends to mid-thigh for additional coverage.

Women’s Parkas
Following the distinct Canada Goose classic look, you will be sure to find functionality with fashion in every parka. Take a look at our three suggestions.

Kensington Parka
Temperature Rating: -15°C / -20°C
canada goose bomber “Polished style with a cinched-in waist and knee-grazing warmth.”

This tried and true favorite is popular for any reason. besides the classic design, wearers will benefit from the first-rate fit. As the front is beautifully lined with sturdy buttons, a flap lays over the zipper, protecting against the cold wind. This model also comes with straps to carry the coat on your back which is great for commuting and going out.

black canada goose  Shelburne Parka – Black Label
Temperature Rating: -15°C / -20°C
“Maxed out style with back panel snaps, wide quilting, and a thigh-high cut.”

The first thing you will notice about the Shelburne is that Canada Goose has chosen to ever so slightly divert from its original classic look by opting for a more modern look. Like the Kensington, you will find the ultra-practical straps which allow for easy transport.

north face Rideau Parka canada goose bomber, black canada goose , north face, canada goose jacket uk
Temperature Rating: -10°C / -20°C
“Sharp take on city style with an oversized hood and nipped-in waist.”

Sporting a furless hood, the sleek cut of the Rideau is truly this coat’s pièce de résistance. Even though the Rideau is a new addition to the Canada Goose family, it already seems like a timeless indispensable. In addition to it high-profile design, you will be pleased with the level of functionality: there are a plethora of pockets.

canada goose jacket uk Yes, most goose down is better than duck down but its all about the fill and other materials used, also see where I used the word “most goose down” that because eiderdown is the best down in the world and it comes from the eider duck.

Another thing about CG is the way it seems to be criticised over waterproof materials, what people forget to realize is that CG parkas were made for the coldest places on earth and in the coldest places it does not rain.

canada goose sale uk I think you covered a lot of details about Canada Goose. However, I don’t think you covered the fact that they don’t use goose down, which is, in fact, superior to duck down. So what about the OSC brand? It’s a Canadian company however so access is a little more limited. But it costs less than Canada Goose (got mine for $500) and it’s just as warm, if not warmer. There is also a warranty on the jacket so I can return it to the store and they’ll send it off to the factory to repair. Canada Goose also isn’t waterproof, as you can tell by just leaving it under the faucet. This would be a huge problem if you’re caught in freezing rain. I did my research before buying OSC and I’m glad I did because Canada Goose just isn’t worth it $600+tax is basically $700. BUT it is a better bang for the buck compared to other products like Nobis and Mackage. I’m speaking from a strictly Canadian perspective where I’ve seen countless Canada Goose wearers and considered it myself.

kids canada goose Forgot to mention that I still thought the article was useful. Good to read about some of the other brands that are in the running. I kept seeing Moncler but thought it may have been a more premium label over functionality.

One thing I do notice is loads of the modeling shots with the Chateau show them as very short despite the description of ‘mid-thigh’. I’m not that tall so mine is mid-thigh! Guess it’s a case of remembering to go by what you find comfortable vs what the press pictures show.

canada goose london Frustratingly for me the sizing across the shoulders relative to the hips don’t translate to what I would say is an accurate reflection of XS or S. But too late now. For US$800 I got to deal with it for the next 7 winters!

canada goose outlet I live in London and have just bought a CG Chateau jacket. It’s a bit silly to say that those people who aren’t in harsh arctic conditions are ‘ridiculous’. It’s all relative. I bought my CG expecting to feel like I had no idea it was very very cold outside of my legs, hands, and head. So I was super disappointed to find that I am in fact still cold. This is quite possibly because I do not generate enough body warmth for the jacket to utilize. It seems to me (I may be wrong), that for a down filled jacket to be effective it needs the wearer to provide the heat for which it will retain.

moncler jacket I have read so much hype around CG. I just wish people would consider that the actual individual’s tolerance to cold and their ability to generate heat will massively affect one’s perception of the jacket goose coats, canada goose jacket, canada goose uk.

I beg to differ! I purchased a Canada goose jacket a few years ago from an authorized retailer and this is what I have to show for it:
-Velcro (not snaps) to hold the hood flaps in place and to close the pockets that stopped sticking within weeks of the purchase.
-a zipper (not snaps) to attach the hood to the coat that is always coming undone.
-flimsy material that, due to the use of a backpack, is super thin and shiny and will probably have holes within days.
-a broken zipper that no longer has a pull (neither brand tag nor metal zipper pull).
-seams that have worn so thin that down continuously comes out, ensuring that the coat remains filthy because no dry cleaner will touch it.
-an internal seam that has come completely undone so that half the time, when I try to put my arm through the sleeve, it ends up at a dead end between two layers of the coat.
-no fleece chin guard (maybe they only started using them after I bought mine?) so the skin on my chin is peeling and raw for the duration of the winter (which, in Canada, is not short).

womens canada goose jacket I would not wear it skiing for reasons that have already been pointed out but feel the need to mention that the coat is really not suitable for urban wear either, due to the absence of vents, which turn the coat into a portable sauna when using public transportation, shopping etc.

I bought the coat because I do a lot of walking around Montreal in the winter and wanted something warm and well made. While I will readily admit that the coat is very warm, I’m absolutely enraged by its quality (or lack thereof!).

canada goose jacket sale  If you’re looking for something trendy to wear this winter, look no further than Canada goose. If you’re more interested in a coat that’s practical and won’t have you looking like a dirty, unkempt hobo after a few weeks, you’re going to want to invest your money elsewhere. I most certainly will!

canada goose guarantees their products. Contact the company. Or as someone said it could be a knockoff.

I wonder if that was a knock-off/fake version rather than the real thing… happens a lot with high-end stuff

I have owned a bunch of jackets and my GC Banff is great minus one thing, it doesn’t cover your neck. But for the months of January and February on the coast in New Hampshire, it’s so far the only jacket I’ve used that lets me hike or walk the beach comfortably outdoors. Those months tend to be about 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and have very strong damp coastal breezes. My Bogner jacket is not nearly as warm but much more comfortable for daily choirs and the couple of Patagonia jackets I have are nice but even at similar amounts of money are not nearly as warm.  canada goose sale uk, kids canada goose, canada goose london Also, my Patagonia jackets have not held up as well, the down sweater loses down frequently and my heavier weight down jacket from Patagonia has poor wind stopping power and was similarly priced at $650 US dollars. I had a Moncler jacket but the zipper broke after a month and is being replaced by Moncler now for already 4 weeks. It also is not nearly as warm and fits very short in comparison to most upscale brands. The exterior fabric also feels delicate similar to my $200 Patagonia down sweater but at 7 times the price. Probably the worst purchase I’ve made in jackets but it’s hard to tell from online, not many stores locally carry them. So for me, CG has been my warmest down jacket and toughest. Though not as comfortable or fashionable as my Bogner jacket, which has been my daily driver. And replaced my Patagonia since it was more comfortable and warmer. Leaving the Moncler as the last place for warmth, durability and fit, surprisingly short and wider than expected. I’m tall and thin and I guess it’s built for an average man. My wife also purchased a CG jacket that was short and loved it. The following winter she retired her long Moncler jacket with another CG and loves that one as well since it does it job and keeps her warm verse just being stylish.
This is a great article, however, I somewhat disagree with your view on the Chilliwack. Undeniably, yes Paris is full of them and there is some trend behind them, however, for myself, the purchase of a Chilliwack was purely practical. I’m from England and recently began finding that my Barbour jackets (I have many) weren’t up to the job of actually keeping out the cold unless I was wearing several layers underneath. I knew a few people who had a range of the CG jackets and so decided to try them out, I needed one that I could wear every day, and I’m not a fan of the longer jackets so I chose the Chilliwack. I have absolutely no regrets, obviously, as I’m in Britain I don’t need a coat that reaches down to -30, so its ideal depending upon the situation canada goose coats, goose coats, canada goose jackets, canada goose mens jacket. I can see why it might be seen as a fad jacket in many cities and in colder climates but for somewhere that has moderate weather where it still gets below freezing, I think its ideal, especially if you are just looking for something to throw on and stay warm with. As I say, great article but I think you’ve made your own stereotype for Chilliwack wearers and not taken into consideration the needs and personal preference of its wearers. Good read though 🙂

I use my CG Citadel in the UK. Traveling a lot by train, and seem to spend a lot of time on drafty platforms waiting….and waiting….and waiting…..and eventually shrugging into that great down hood however stupid I may look even if the temp is above 0c. Love the fit and feel of the jacket – wish it was a bit longer, proper coat length and wish it was waterproof; those are my only criticisms. I wonder what the warmest temperature would be for it to be worn?
I own a killtec Parillo and got it 40% off at sailing $140 all in and it’s warm as hell, it’s completely waterproof, breathable, windproof. Has an ultra-warm hood a lot of pockets and looks great. I live in Toronto and it’s always very cold here and this parka is extremely warm. I don’t see the value in spending $700 for a jacket with fewer features and equally as warm. There’s a lot of great parkas out there but they aren’t the fashion style right now so they’re normally priced. I mean if you have the money and like the style then go for it but you don’t need this parka at all to stay warm canada goose jacket, canada goose uk, canada goose sale, there’s a lot of options at a much cheaper price that does the same job and better due to waterproofing. If this was the only coat on the market that protected from really cold temperatures then I would see a value, but it’s not so this is purely personal preference instead of getting the best option. Also the fact that nearly everyone has it and they all look similar is kind of a detractor, it’s always nice to have something personal to you that not a ton of people own. If they had more styles without the logos it would be better in that sense but I guess they like having the logo for free marketing and to keep the trend going.

I own one and live in NYC. Compared to our brothers up in the great North, NYC winters are like living in Florida so CG coats are a bit overkill. I will say CG really is just about the badge and they are great for walking around the city. Performance wise they aren’t waterproof so wet damp conditions aren’t ideal for them.

Thank you for this absolutely awesome discussion and detailed analysis of Canada Goose and its benefits. I have been dithering about buying such an expensive coat (and I mean for years!). I realized, however, as I was doing the 15-minute walk from the bus to my house the other day, that I have NEVER been warm in the winter. I do have a warm coat and I was wearing layers but the wind completely penetrated despite all that. I have lived in Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa and January and February are very unpleasant. I’ve made do and I’ve walked past, hoping to get warm, and I’ve shivered and I’ve been cold to the point of crying canada goose parka, canada goose mens, canada goose coat, moncler, canada goose womens, canada goose coats and I’ve avoided going outside when it’s too cold. Winters are usually long here (Ottawa) so it’s ridiculous already. I’ve avoided Canada Goose because of the stigma associated with the brand but then I looked at Kanuk and starting price is grand! Uh, I don’t think so. And they’re not as nice looking. So thanks!! I am going to at least start by going to the store and trying several on.

Average winter lows in NYC are not very cold. Even the record low for January, -4F (1994), and February, -3 (1979) are not really that cold. Cities like Ottawa have average temperatures in January and February close to the record lows in NYC and Ottawa is not that far north and not that far from Lake Ontario which tends to moderate the temperatures.
Average January lows in Winnipeg are -10F with a record low of -54F.
I had a Canada Goose parka when I lived in Yellowknife back in the early 1990s and I was glad to have it. We had lows in the -30 to -40 range (at -40, C and F are the same). It is colder cities like this where you need a great parka, not NYC, Toronto or Chicago canada goose sale, canada goose parka, canada goose mens, canada goose coat, moncler, canada goose womens. Loved the article! I bought my CG about 5+ years ago. I have to say I am still amazed by the quality, not one loose thread thus far. In fact, it still looks brand new. I finally dry cleaned it this year as I happened to have my CG too close to me while I was at a paint night and it got splattered with paint. It was a very sad moment when I realized I had gotten paint on my CG. I absolutely love it, it keeps me warm and I believe it will serve me for years to come. The only issue that I do have with the jacket is the use of the coyote fur. I do love how warm the fur keeps me and it really does seem to generate a warmth when against my skin, but I have had fake fur hoods that did suffice.

I have lived in Canada for 18 years, and have had several parkas during that time, including ones from MEC and Marks (WindRiver). I recently bought a North Face parka (50% off, in August!) I have to say, the North Face parka is the worst of the lot by a long chalk. I would hesitate going out in it below -15C without extra layers, which has not been the case with the other parks that I owned. The insulation is poor, and the fit is so bad that the wind whips right through.

I feel the need to join this discussion as I have just bought a Canada Goose Chateau Parka from a store in Brighton. I work in the film business and have often seen the crew in these jackets so I thought they must be good. After buying the parka and wearing it for a few weeks I feel that it’s not the don of fleece jackets I was led to believe. I am working in London at the moment, minus 2 degrees. With a t-shirt and jumper under the jackets, I do feel quite chilled. I thought it may be a fake canada goose jackets, canada goose mens jacket, canada goose bomber, black canada goose, but it passes all the test’s I’ve looked at online. I also have written to CG only to be told that the jacket is ‘artic simulated’ whatever that means and they ‘can’t guarantee the warmth of the jacket’ I feel like I have been tricked into buying a fashion jacket disguised as a proper fleece jacket. I am pretty sure that the more robust jackets are sub-zero proof, (I’ve seen them on Fortitude they must be ok!!!) but the parka most definitely is not, and it’s definitely not worth the money in my opinion.

Hi, I have a Canada Goose Whistler parka 3/4 length. I am now into my 5th winter with it. It has passed all winters famously including the brutal winter of 2014-2015 in Montreal Quebec (the worst cold I’ve ever experienced in 50 years) and its still going strong this year. I’ve cleaned at the end of the 4th year, at a cleaner that uses only natural ingredients, no chemicals and its still beautiful (never wrinkles). While most others hid inside or if had dogs took them for short walks (2014-15), I never backed down with my parka (our dog needed a Canada Goose, however) I love it and find myself promoting it as a result. The best warm winter coat I’ve ever had. Buy Canada Goose from an “authorized” dealer to get the real deal. Fakes are sold online but their down has been found to be actually diseased cat fur, so don’t be fooled by the impostors. My $675 plus tax has actually cost $140 per year to date, now that’s a bargain for real warmth:)

Bought my CG Black Langford Fusion Fit last year and got it for $701.21 (MSRP $825) with free shipping due to a seasonal customer service rep at Moose Jaw giving me 15% when I phoned in to complain how they accidentally shipped me two coats even after I canceled one. The downside was that I bought the coat and a brand new SUV during one of the warmest winters for the North East.

So is CG worth the price? Yes and no. While my dollar per wear ratio was very weak for 2015, unless I gain 15-20 pounds, I will be able to wear the coat for many winters. All of CG’s parkas are very classic and not fashion based so the style will last over time. The construction, warmth, and overall outdoor abilities borderline good to even great but really the main selling point of the coat is its luxury manicure and “it” factor. A men’s CG Langford Parka in 2015 when I bought it was $825 and for 2016 they are now $900. Reading some old forum posts maybe 3-4 years ago the Langford went for $500+ north face, canada goose jacket uk, canada goose sale uk, kids canada goose, canada goose london, every year CG coats have risen in price.

I grew up in Maine and no one had a “luxury” coat, either you had an LL Beans or North Face or you just bundled up. So the idea that CG can sell a $900 coat and Moncler charges $2,000 for a coat seems just outrageous to me. Yet I bought one because CG is very warm and during those days when it’s 5 degrees and there is a negative windchill there is nothing that will protect you better while still sporting a luxury badge. Sound absurd but even now if I sold my jacket on eBay I could get at least $500 for it. if you don’t care about luxury and just staying worm you can get a $300 jacket or less that will probably be almost as good
My darling, aside from the BC coast canada goose outlet, moncler jacket, womens canada goose jacket, canada goose jacket sale, Toronto is the most temperate city in Canada. My Daniel down/feather blended number with leather accents was plenty sufficient while I was there. However, I would never think that I could get away with that while visiting my parents in Midland, my brother in Edmonton, or my alma mater in Montreal.

That said, I’ve made it through a number of Montreal winters putting the priority on my feet (a pair of sheepskin Pajars to the knee are toasty warm) and a long wool double-breasted number over a knit sweater, so I won’t argue that a Montrealer *needs* a CanadaGoose or CanadaGoose-like parka.